Jenna J Ross Gets Busy In The Office

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Jenna J Ross is having a rough day, seems to be the norm with her. It’s distracting to her co-worker, Bruce. Come to find out her terrible dating life is really starting to take a toll on her. All she does is work so there is no time to meet people. Bruce tells her she just needs to get fucked and looks like he’s going to make that happen, right in the office on his desk. Jenna is definitely up for the stress reliever, especially when he starts licking her pussy from behind! Man, they fuck like crazy and he comes deep in her pussy before it’s time to get back to work! (Video duration: 31 min)

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Special Surprise

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After stringing him on and holding out sex for as long as possible, Jenna J Ross finally pays Chad White a little visit at his office. With nothing but a trench coat on and lingerie, Jenna J Ross is ready to finally give her body to him – and he is more than willing to devour every inch of her. But, Chad White gets more than he bargained for. Not only does Jenna have a tight little snatch, but she’s also a deep throating queen – swallowing his gigantic cock down her throat. It’s a passionate encounter ending with a creamy load right into Jenna’s willing, wet pussy.

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My Wife's Hot Friend

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Guys just want girls with skills! That’s what Ryan’s alluding to when speaking to his wife’s friend Jenna J Ross. She’s over helping his wife learn how to bake, and while Ryan’s woman is out picking up some more ingredients, Jeanna learns from Ryan that his wife isn’t exactly pleasing him in the bedroom. Jenna decides the time is now to show Ryan that she’s not just a good baker, but that she knows how to please a man in other ways. A decadent chocolate chip cookie is fantastic and all, but an added blowjob in the kitchen makes for the total experience!

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Neighbor Affair

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Hammering and nailing, nailing and hammering, that’s all Jenna J Ross sees he new neighbor Mike doing as he helps her hang some art in her home. Freshly divorced, Jenna’s doing a bit of cleansing in her sanctuary, and that means looking for new means of satisfaction too! Good thing Mike and his cock are available for her at the moment! He takes a break from his handywork to nail his hammer right into Jenna’s pussy! A throatfuck and a facial later, Jenna’s ready for Mike to get back to hanging her art, but only until the next break!

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A Ticket To Ride Her

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Horny Jenna J Ross gets her husband pulled over for reckless driving after she tries to get frisky. Jenna’s husband tries to pay off the plainclothes cop, but his money isn’t working, and Jenna is getting annoyed that they’re holding up her orgasm. Sizing up Officer Gunn, she sets out to do some convincing of her own while her husband waits obliviously in the car.

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Young Ballerina Explores Anal Sex with her Teacher

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Jenna J Ross has been with her ballet company for years, and finally she has a shot at being the principal dancer. Her Director, Lucas, is a perfectionist, and she has always found him attractive. She knows the only way to get the role is to show him just how dedicated she really is. When he visits the studio to see how well she has been doing with the rehearsals, he doesn’t seem too impressed with what he sees, and he asks for a little more passion. She clearly needs disciplining, and Lucas will show her exactly what she needs to do to get that lead part.

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Cock Rocker

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We had a very naughty teen with some ballet skills join us this week. Jenna J Ross was stretching and getting herself loose when we came into the room. She wore these tiny shorts to show off her perfect round bubble butt. It was super hot watching her stretch out and getting her pussy all wet and ready for some massive cock. When Chris joined the party she was soaking wet and did a split right over his face for him to suck that pussy up. She then went off on his cock jamming the whole thing down her throat until his balls where on her chin. This just got her pussy wetter for that big dick to go inside her. You don’t want to miss one second of this hot teen cumming, twitching, and squirting all over huge cock!

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